70s chic

Another up and coming trend this season is the glamorous 70s style, yes that’s right the 70s are back!!

The main garments that make the trend are: high-waisted trousers and yes that includes the Palazzo pants, high-waisted shorts, chiffon blouses, maxi dresses, pleated skirts and the iconic floppy hat.

Also if you decide for your 70s look to be colour block then I guarantee you will look  fabulous and a fashion goddess!

Accessories and jewelry are a must for this trend so don’t forget to pile up before you leave the house if you want to make your 70s chic style look extra good.


ASOS: Palazzo Pants: £40 &  Floppy hat: £25

MANGO: Blouse: £44.90 & Pleated skirt: £74.90

TOPSHOP:Jumpsuit: £60 & Shorts: £36

RIVER ISLAND: Shorts: £34.99 & Trousers: £39.99


This post is dedicated to the many consequences of boredom. Since me and my best friend had nothing to do, we thought of the great idea of dressing up and taking photos.

My friend photographed me in a beautiful red dress that sparkles glamour and is one of my personal favourite pieces which hangs in my wardrobe.

The photos below are the ones which I most liked. Hope you like them and feel free to comment.


I am wearing:

Maxi Dress: River Island

Wedges: Topshop

Necklace: Miss Selfridge


Images @ Micaela Pereira


After a long day of study at university I thought I would post pictures of what I wore today. Hope you like it!

I’m wearing:

Black dress – H&M

Floral vest – Topshop

Belt – Primark

Tights – Primark

Shoe boots – Topshop

Cross necklace – Miss Selfridge

Glasses – Topshop


Images @ Micaela Pereira

Finally here are the pictures from my trip to Milan ❤

The Beauty:

The Fashion:

The Food:

The Hotel Room:

The Good times:

And after all the sightseeing and partying… SLEEP finally!!

Images @ Micaela Pereira

While on a weekend break in Milan, I came across some very fashionable ladies. Therefore I have decided to share pictures which I took of them with you.

Above: Mikki Pham – Best friend always looking fashionable

Above: My fashion marketing tutor, which I thought looked very chic

Above: The lady in Chanel – Such an inspiration for us fashionistas


Images @ Micaela Pereira ( The Fashion Eye London)

I have noticed that Zara’s latest collection is full of colour and colour block items. Most of the garments are simple but yet so fashionable. I just loved it and therefore have decided to post some of my favourite items from Zara’s Spring Summer 2011 collection. I hope you like it!












Left: Coral Skinny trousers £19.99 & Right: Pink trousers £35.99













Left: Pleated dress £29.99 & Right: V-neck dress £49.99













Left: Coral Blouse £22.99 & Right: Yellow Blouse £25.99













Left: Mini Skirt £22.99 & Right: Heels £29.99


Images @ Zara

Just wanted you all to know that I am off to Milan (Italy) for the weekend. I’m going to explore the history and culture of the city as well as of course the fashion since Milan is one of the top fashion cities of the world. When I am back I will post images of my trip and what I thought of the fashion city. I promise I will take hundreds of pictures. 🙂

Enjoy your weekend and see you next week !

image @ Lonely Planet